Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Phew ...!

I am writing this at the dining room table of our lovely new home.  We have been here two and a half weeks already and we are surprisingly straight considering it took us three trips in the removals van to get our furniture, clothes and at least three hundred boxes over here!  We have also taken delivery of several items of new furniture but - and here's the really exciting bit - we are already talking about where we can put the Christmas Tree this year!  Now that must surely mean that this was the new home for us!

Another good thing (at least whilst the weather is decent) is that I can actually walk to work from here and I am feeling the benefits of that already.  It is very hilly in these parts but every day those inclines are less and less of an effort!  And if I do decide to bus it - well the bus stop is ten minutes away and a three minute trip on the bus gets me to the office.  It hasn't been quite so easy for Steve, bless him.  Instead of getting home at 5.15 he now gets home at 5.45 - and he leaves for work at 6.45 rather than 7,15 in the evening, so it has actually added half an hour to his journey each way.  But he is getting used to it.  We are very resilient.

I am slowly getting back into the Writing.  Yesterday morning at this time, I updated the Young Writer blog and last night, I was finally able to sit down and start going through the work they have handed in for the new book Word Magic 2.   Over the next couple of weeks I will decide what order to put it all in and then I will start compiling it.  Considering we have had The Move, a Holiday, a Funeral and a Weekend Away to contend with, this book is, so far, still on schedule and I am pretty pleased about that!

It will be interesting, once the Young Writer sessions start up again in three weeks, to see how long I am going to be able to carry on with it.  My plan initially was to give it a year to realistically see if the fact it will now take me an hour rather than five minutes to get to it remains viable.  I think it will be - but only time will tell!  I am not planning to give it up; it is my Creative Writing Baby and next year it will be five years old!!!  Still - we shall see.

Ah well - 7.21 a/m GMT - time to get ready for The Day Job ...

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Almost There ...

Wasn't it Andy Williams who once sang "We're almost there ..."? I can't remember the next line but that first line is pretty apt for our current situation!  We are almost there - in fact we are going to actually be there by close of play on Friday 5th!  Yes our Big Move to our sweet little house is just two days away so it is pretty much action stations.  The packing is as good as done apart from what we need to tide us over to Friday.  I think I have told everyone who needs to know what our new address is - and I am talking mainly utilities here.  I only remembered Thames Water last night and the TV Licence the night before!  Tonight I will sit down at my laptop and do a Change of Address for family and friends then it will be go go go.

The downside to this move is that my writing has taken a terrible blow!  I simply have not had a moment to think of anything except the odd haiku and journal entry - even my two blogs have been sorely neglected of late.  Once we are settled in and the office is all set up and I can access my filing cabinets again, I will start trying to catch up.  Till then, I am afraid, you will all just have to bear with me.

Just wanted to let everyone know I haven't forgotten them - my entire world is completely upside down at the moment.  Hopefully it won't be too long till it's right side up again!