Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Love This Writer's Life

I have really had the most phenomenal few weeks by the way.  Our daughter took us out for a Father's Day meal on Sunday and my grandson said to me  "Any new books lately ...?"  and as I shook my head, I explained about the talk I recently did for Croydon Writers, the workshop with Croydon Literacy, the stall I had at Croydon heritage Festival on Saturday where I not only sold copies of "My Writer" and the AYW book "Word Magic", but I was approached by several people to do talks, an editor who is "always look for contributors" and a number of writers/poets just starting out who were eager for advice!  Only realised that everyone else at the meal was listening when they chorused "Been busy then ..." .  And I haven't even finished yet!  I have a stall at a local school fayre this Saturday (25th), have seen my article "Writing For A Younger Audience" reappear in the on-line magazine "Women Writers - Women's Books" just this morning and it isn't long till I start laying out the new "Word Magic" book!

Am I fortunate or what?  And I am so grateful for all the opportunities coming my way!

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Blame The Doctor ...

That Doctor Who has a lot to answer for!  Here I am thinking I added a new post a couple of weeks ago and it turns out to be a couple of months ago.  Time And Relative Displacement In Space - ie - an unintended time-slip - is the only thing I can think of as I grovel to beg the forgiveness of my silent and invisible blog readers!  SOOO much has been going on!  I spent a lovely week in Scotland with Steve (lovely but for the fact he almost broke his ankle on the second day, which meant a morning at A & E and the rest of the day at the hotel with only an ice-pack for company.  He is still hobbling around with a walking stick but definitely on the mend).  The weather was unbelievable!  We watched the weather report every morning.  The South East was being dellugued in rain,  battered by gale force winds and hit by storms whilst up there, the temperature was in the mid 20s every day and the sun just beat down from dawn till dusk!

We are frantically packing ready for the intended move in October, cleared the loft (thanks Sharon and Gary - your help was very gratefully received), hired a skip, cleared the shed, the workshop, the lean-to  (all of which are now just piled with boxes ready for storage) - and that is only the beginning!
The talk at Croydon Writers went really well, the Young Writers continue to go from strength to strength, there's the Workshop with Croydon Literacy coming up, the new Young Writer anthology to lay out and publish - and I now have to get to work.  Part the Second later ...